Goodwood Park Hotel

Services Rendered

Chiller Plant System Replacement

Based on results of audit carried out, system was designed with selection of the most energy efficient equipment and optimum configuration.


The refrigerant used is environmentally friendly (non-ozone depleting) and abundantly available.


1,440,000 kWh / year

Tokio Marine Centre


Green Mark Gold Plus 2008


20 McCallum Street, Singapore 069046

Project Description:

21 storey office development with a basement and 3rd storey carpark & sky terrace

Green Features:

    • High efficient Air-conditioning system
    • Motion senor for common toilet
    • Automated car parking system
    • Heat pipe for relative humidity control
    • VAV thermally diffuser
    • Automatic condenser tube cleaning system
    • Plasma Air Purifiers


Fortune Centre

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