Mr Choong Chow Neng

Regional Director,
Business & Operation

Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering),
University of Arizona State University
Master of Science in Sustainable Building Design,
University of Nottingham

Qualified Energy Services Specialists (QuESS)
Green Mark Professional (GMP)
Energy Auditor registered with BCA
Singapore Certified Energy Manager (SCEM)

Mr Choong Chow Neng is one of the pioneering staff of G-Energy Global, having joined the company since 2005. An action man who delves into solutions with practicality in mind for all his projects, Mr Choong has a wealth of experience in the Heating & Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system industry since 1997.

The time he spent with a leading German Refrigeration Compressor Manufacturer and subsequently a leading American Chiller Manufacturer equipped Mr Choong with the knowledge and skill set to consult clients on their retrofit and energy projects. May it be equipment selection or contract negotiation, Mr Choong is able to propose direct beneficial solutions to our clients.

Mr Choong Chow Neng joined the ESCO industry in 2003 as mid-management manager. But he was always deeply involved in performing Detailed Energy Audit for buildings (commercial/industrial) and takes it upon himself to identify potential areas in energy savings personally with his team. So sought after was he that his projects spanned numerous countries in Asia.

A certified QUess with ESU (NUS); Green Mark Professional and Certified Energy Auditor with BCA as well as Singapore Certified Energy Manager (SCEM); Mr Choong believes in sharing his knowledge. He lectures for Singapore Certified Energy Manager and Green Mark
Professional course mainly on modules like Energy Management and Economics, Energy Audit and Measurement, Efficient ACMV and Efficient Method to Maintain Indoor Relative Humidity.