Building Management System & Remote Monitoring Services


Building Management System

Building Management System (BMS) plays a critical part in maximizing energy savings through control of air conditioning systems without comprising thermal comfort and indoor air quality.

Remote Monitoring Service

For the highly energy conscious client, G-Energy offers Remote Monitoring Service, which collects data automatically on major building services with measurable indicators and a quantifiable system performance. This allows our engineers to study the building energy use similar to a recurring energy audit on a daily basis. With this system in place, clients can now focus on their core business operations and leave the monitoring and analysis of major systems to a team of qualified engineers.


The easy accessibility of timely information on the system profile enables clients to be informed on any issues with their major energy consuming systems, and make necessary adjustments to the affected equipment at the fastest possible time. The early detection of technical issues reduces potential energy loss, down time, cost of maximum demand and manpower.