Green Building Certification


Based on United Nations Environment Programme 2011, buildings generally account for 40% of global energy consumption and 25% of global water consumption. The existence of these buildings for population and economic purposes also account for a third of global greenhouse gas emissions. The need for ESD can never be overemphasized.

Fully aware of the impact of building developments on the environment, G-Energy is mindful of its social responsibility to do the right things from the start when working with building owners, designers and builders throughout the design, construction and operational phases of a project, Backed by a highly competent team consisting of 6 trained Green Mark Professionals with Engineer Assistants, Project Engineers and Team Leaders which are ALL Green Mark Manager trained. We are able to better understand the perspectives and constraints of our stakeholders. Concerted efforts are always applied to integrate all designs towards achieving sustainable developments that often attain exceptional rating for Green Building Accreditation programs for customers in the Asia Pacific region. These programs include Singapore BCA GreenMark, USA LEED, Malaysia GBI and Indonesia Greenship.

New Buildings

G-Energy will exhaustively evaluate suitable and cost effective solutions using simulations and modeling tools to verify energy optimization designs, passive designs, energy recovery, renewable energy measure applications and other thinking out of box solutions, all towards achieving sustainable goals.

Existing Buildings

G-Energy assists customers to review current operating conditions and identify opportunities for improvement. Invariably, our detailed assessment will address both short term and long term solutions to facilitate customer decision making. Collectively, all solutions will converge towards efficient operation and environmental sustainability that are to relevant to respective building assessment standards. As a value-added service, we also assist customers in government grants and subsidies application, wherever applicable.


Since 2008, we have assisted 87 of our clients to achieve awards under BCA Green Mark Assessment scheme of which 37 are Platinum Ratings, 19 Gold Plus Ratings, 21 Gold Ratings and 10 Certified ratings. In addition, we have also assisted 5 High Rated Green Mark Buildings to achieve the prestigious ASEAN Energy Awards since 2009.