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Company Overview

G-Energy Global Private Limited (GEG), founded in 2005 with headquarter in Singapore, is an International Award winning Energy Services Company (ESCO) that is accredited by the ESCO Accreditation Committee comprises of various Singapore Statutory & Institutes with 4 Qualified Energy Services Specialists (QuESS).  We have also been recognized as an ESCO with the largest pool of professional team of Energy Specialists and Qualified Green Mark Consultants in Asia Pacific Region.

G-Energy Global offers a wide array of integrated energy services. As energy consultancy professionals, we take pride in our expertise and integrity to ensure that sustainable solutions proposed are feasible and truly suitable to buildings’ needs.

Focusing on excellence through innovation, leadership development and quality in customer service, our principles and values have fostered cohesiveness and productivity awareness among departments to ensure that our collective efforts are used to the benefit of our clients.

Profound knowledge and extensive experience developed among our staffs lead to their exceptional ability to advise clients across a wide spectrum of different building industries.  While vast technical experience is important, G-Energy also values the ability to listen and understand non-quantifiable challenges in projects undertaken.

Being recognized as one of the most highly regarded team of professionals, our Qualified Energy Service Specialists are regularly invited as lecturers on energy savings related topics in institutes like Building Construction Authority Academy, Singapore Institute Management of Singapore (UniSIM), Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore and Singapore Polytechnic since 2009. Our established reputation has gone beyond Singapore in which the Government Authorities and Training Institutes of Malaysia, Indonesia and China have engaged our in-house experts to conduct seminars and trainings to professional bodies.

Our remarkable credentials are built on over 300 successful projects and the numerous prestigious awards the company has achieved.  We are highly appreciative of the strong support our stakeholders have given us and pledged to deliver exceptional values to our customers that make us a preferred ESCO in the region.

Mission Statement

Development of Passionate and Innovative Leaders with Commitment and Integrity to provide Environmentally Sustainable Solutions that translate into Values for our Customers.


To become a World Class Organization in our quest to do the Right Thing towards a Sustainable World for Future Generations.


No Green Effort Is Too Small

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