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We are now in an era where environmental threats are a rapidly-growing concern. Pollution, deforestation, climate change — these problems undermine the security of our future. At G-Energy, we believe that change starts from a single person. We believe that energy conservation is a part of everyone’s life. We believe that together, we can serve people and the planet, and achieve the vision of a clean and safe environment for all to enjoy in the future.

Putting people at the heart of our business, we are proud to be recognized as an International Award-winning Energy Services Company (ESCO) with the largest professional team of Energy Specialists and Qualified Green Mark Consultants in the Asia Pacific Region. Our energy consultancy experts are committed to delivering excellent customer service — we strive to understand our clients’ industries, and propose sustainable solutions most suited to the project’s needs.

With over 1000 successful projects and numerous prestigious awards, we are a trusted brand in Singapore that has been providing reliable energy solutions across major industry sectors since 2005.

Our Promise 

To Our Customers

  • A commitment to quality and excellence in services provided, to achieve cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions to meet rising energy demands

  • An emphasis on the quality of our people to deliver the best solutions and go beyond expectations by providing dependable support in all client relationships

  • A commitment to energy solutions that bring significant, positive impacts to the environment

Imagine a world of advocates to create a better place to live in, by saving energy in all things possible while building communities of like-minded people to pursue their dreams in the best living environment.

This is what G-Energy stands for. We believe in showing our love for Mother Earth in the most practical way and at the same time, showing our care for the next generation by developing them into leaders who Make A Difference.

“Saving Today’s Earth,

Impacting Tomorrow’s Generation”


We aim to inspire and empower people to take small steps in energy conservation every day,  to create a significant and positive impact on our environment as a collective whole. 


Leading a Sustainable World for People, through People

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