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Solar & Sun Path Analysis

Understanding how the sun goes around your project’s site is fundamental if you want to achieve good passive design for your building. Solar & Sun Path Analysis is usually performed during the early stages of the project to optimize the massing and orientation of the building, but it can also be done even for existing buildings, such as when you’re looking to retrofit or make additions and alterations to the building.

Key Benefits:

  • Know which parts of your building are most exposed to sunlight throughout the year
  • Design better sunshades or minimize openings on those faces of your building that receives too much exposure
  • Estimate how much energy you can generate by placing Solar PV Panels on a certain part of your building

Daylight & Glare Analysis

Allowing daylight to come into your building can have many benefits not only for your operational costs but also for your building’s occupants. Daylight can offset the need for artificial lighting and improve the ambience of a space, but too much daylight can also cause glare issues and add unwanted heat gain. With a Daylight & Glare Analysis, you’ll be able to strike a balance between these factors. It also allows you to score points under Green Mark, LEED and other green rating systems.

Key Benefits:

  • Know how much daylight is coming into your building and how far it reaches into the interior spaces
  • Test out the effectiveness of different glazing materials and find out which best suits your project
  • See if your current design are meeting the requirements to score points under Green Mark or LEED or make the necessary changes to do so

Energy Modeling

At the core of every sustainable building is efficient energy usage. That is why energy performance accounts for a big portion of points under green building rating systems. To achieve is, it’s a balancing act between ideal equipment selection, material selection, and system optimization. And the only way to see how these factors work together as a whole is through Energy Modeling.

Keys Benefits:

  • Estimate your building’s annual energy consumption
  • Compare your building’s consumption against a baseline and see how much energy savings you’re getting
  • Score points under Green Mark, LEED, and other green rating systems

CFD Analysis

The wind plays an important role in the thermal comfort of building occupants for naturally ventilated spaces. But it can also have adverse effects when it becomes too strong or when it starts to bring in rain. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) allows you to see the wind’s effects in these different scenarios and make changes to the design of your building to minimize or maximize the airflow through a space.

Key Benefits:

  • See how much much airflow you’re getting for your building’s naturally ventilated spaces
  • See if a space is prone to wind-driven rain
  • See how effective your cooling towers are able to dissipate heat

BIM Services

Building Information Modeling is now widely used in the design and construction industry as a result of BCA making it mandatory for all projects over 5,000sqm to be in BIM. But a lot of companies are still playing catch up with this new technology and have yet to really realize its full potential.

Our BIM services allow you to outsource the BIM activities (modeling, documentation, and coordination) of your project so you can focus on design and/or construction of your projects.

Key Benefits:

  • Free up time to work on the more important aspects of your projects than modeling and drafting
  • Put off hiring permanent staff if you don’t have a steady influx of new projects that require BIM coming in
  • Save on hardware and software costs that keep on rising every year

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