Saving Today’s Earth,

Impacting Tomorrow’s Generation

Whether your building is existing or new, there are always opportunities to save energy

Understand how your building uses energy through an Energy Audit

Your buildings are like people, they need a health check every once in a while. An Energy Audit is the first step in realizing your energy-saving goals.

Get your building certified through a green rating system of your choice

Whether through Green Mark, LEED, or other green building rating systems, earning certification for your building gives it prestige and raises its real estate value.

Optimize the design of your building through building performance simulations

Through simulation, you’ll be able to see how your building will perform in its real world conditions and validate the design decisions you’ll make along the way.

Energy savings from buildings of all shapes and sizes

No matter what type of building you have, we can help you find energy-saving opportunities ranging from no-cost strategies to major equipment retrofits.

Certifications as a result of doing what’s right

Green Mark, LEED, and other green building certifications are worthy goals to pursue, but we help you get these awards by focusing first on the things that will bring tangible benefits to you – cost savings as a result of less energy consumption. The awards will naturally follow.

Trusted by the biggest companies in Singapore

Achieve Net Zero Buildings with our 5-Milestone IoT Enabled Journey

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Webinar: Unlocking Green Finance

Webinar: Unlocking Green Finance

It’s an exciting time to be Green.

If your company has been planning to do a major equipment replacement to switch to a more eco-friendly solution, or if your company has been putting off other green initiatives because of a lack of funding, this is for you.

Ready to start saving energy?

You’ll be amazed once you know how much you could have been saving all this time.

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