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New Non Residential Building


Green Mark Award for Buildings – Platinum (Positive Energy)


  • Estimated energy savings: 879275.8kWh/yr; Estimated water savings: 1434,45m3; ETTV: 35.01W/m2
  • Glazing is minimized in the East and West facing facade
  • FM operations enhanced through adoption of 6D BIM
  • State of the art Chiller come with integrated DC/AC inverter for direct electrical feed by Solar Panels.
  • Smart DC motor fan coil units with programmable AI controller to ensure efficient operation.
  • DC motor cooling tower with low drift loss.
  • Solar driven pump for domestic water.
  • Energy efficient measures has been adopted in the building to achieve an overall energy savings of 47.55% from baseline.
  • Solar PV used to replace at least 110% of total building energy consumption
  • EMS/ iBMS system is enhanced with smart AI features that will ensure building performs optimally to corresponding demand.

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