As big proponents of performance-based design, we’ve always stressed to our clients the importance of running simulations to predict how buildings will perform eventually when they are built. Through simulations, we are able to make informed recommendations on how to improve the design of the building and validate those recommendations with real data.

In our 15 years serving as an Energy Services Company and a Green Building Consultant, one of the things that has always been in our toolbox is IES VE, a renowned building analysis software developed by Integrated Environmental Solutions or IES.



From left to right: Rohan Rawte (Director, IES Singapore), Dr. Don McLean, (CEO, IES), Joseph Loh (Vice-President, G-Energy Global), Vincent Low (Vice-President, G-Energy Global), Ahmed Mosa (Technical Manager, Asia, IES)


So when an opportunity came up to partner up with this prestigious company, it made every sense for us to jump on the occasion.

This partnership will allow both companies to leverage each other’s strengths – G-Energy’s expertise in the field of energy optimization, and IES’ prowess in the field of software development.

With this partnership, we look forward to further strengthening our ties with IES in our quest to provide innovative energy-saving solutions to our clients.



Dr. Don McLean, (CEO, IES) with Joseph Loh (Vice-President, G-Energy Global)

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